Sunday, November 18, 2007

Will the real Dim Wit please stand up?

Just to avoid some potential future misunderstandings, I want to clarify something: I'm no the only person on Blogger who is going by the appellation "Dim Wit."

Dimwit (Oracle and Seer), has been "teaching grandma to suck eggs since 1695." I like that! (Wish I thought of it first. Oh, well.) This particular Dimwit has been posting sporadically since September of 2005. Judging by the content, I don't think he'll mind co-existing with me.

The other Dimwit, however, has never posted to his blog.

Yeah, I know; I should have done a little more research before choosing that name, but "Dim Wit" just seemed a perfect play on words as my pseudonym for the Dim Age Diary.

Well, for future reference, if it's not the Dim Wit from the Dim Age Diary, rest assured it's someone else. You should check him out if you like what you read, here. We seem to share similar opinions on certain matters. I should see if D(O&S) wants to meet up for a virtual manhattan, sometime, and trade stories.


Anonymous said...

Hello. Dimwit (O&S) here.

We may share a name, but it would appear that we have sufficient qualities to tell us apart.

I, for example, have no idea what virtual Manhattan is. I've vaguely heard of a liquid refreshment named after said borough of New York, but I don't think that one has ever passed my lips.

So, please feel free to use the pseudonym. I can't even claim to have the right to grant such a permission, but it feels good to do so. Consider it a decree. Not exactly a royal one, but a decree none the less.


Dimwit (O&S)

The Dim Wit said...

And I thank you, good sir...