Friday, November 16, 2007

Cocktail of the week #4: Stinger

This was the first cocktail we drew from the deck requiring us to buy something to add to the bar. We already had brandy: the wife enjoys a snifter of it from time to time, and I am fond of mixing it with ginger all (something useful I learned from the James Bond novels).

Creme de Menthe, on the other hand, was something new for us. The only time either of us had ever really experienced Creme de Menthe was via Ande's Candies. I always knew it was a liqueur, and that it was used in various cocktails from more or less my grandparent's generation, but never actually tried it myself.

Well, we were quite curious, so we picked up a bottle. We purchased the white version of the liqueur rather than the green to comply with the recipe.

And the verdict?

Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

Imagine slurping on a chilled martini glass filled with watery liquid Crest toothpaste (to which one has added a healthy dose of pureed raisins) and you get the idea.

The stinger will not be made again, by us, unless we are forced to do so at gunpoint.

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