Monday, November 19, 2007

Cocktail of the week #7: Pink Lady

We actually have a two-fer this week (yes, it's actually going to be a weekly feature now, rather than near-daily). The main drink, the pink lady, requires egg whites. Making this drink left me with a couple of egg yolks, and it seemed to me a waste to just throw them out.

So I did a search on that venerable web repository of cocktaily goodness, and discovered this weeks Bonus Cocktail, the bosom caresser!

That's right. We had pink ladies and bosom caressers. Insert your own jokes, here.

First, the pink ladies.

A miss. I was unsure about this drink from the start, base on the ingredient list: lemon juice plus dairy equals little bits of proto-cheese floating in a clearish liquid.

We went ahead anyway, wondering if the egg whites would act as some form of stabilizer thus sparing us from drinking micro-curd cottage cheese.

Fat chance. It curdled. And worse yet, it tasted the way Pine Sol smells.

Mrs. Wit mentioned to me that there are variants of the pink lady recipe that do not require the addition of cream. We'll try them after we make our way through the rest of the deck.

We had the pink ladies as an aperitif. We saved our next drink for after dinner.

Bonus Drink: Bosom Caresser.

This drink was much stronger than the pink lady. It reminded me of a cross between a nasty version of advocaat and some tropical drink concoction I can't quite remember and would rather forget.

The sad thing is I was looking forward to making an egg-based drink (salmonella risks notwithstanding). I made one some years before, and it was quite lovely. Too bad I can't remember what it was.

Ah, well. More cocktail coverage next weel.

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