Saturday, November 17, 2007

For your man this Holiday Season

Gentlemen: are you wishing the rest of you was like your balding pate?

Ladies: are you tired of your husband or boyfriend being mistaken for the family dog when you spend a weekend at the beach?

Members of the gay community: are you wishing your bear was more of a naked mole rat?

Then friends, you need the Mangroomer!

Yes, Mangroomer! The world's first do-it-yourself, extendable, electric back shaver!

No longer will you have to suffer the tortures of razor burn, nicks, ingrown hairs, or waxing to get rid of that rich carpet covering your dorsal section! No longer will you have to suffer the humiliation of insisting it's the approach of the full moon that has mad you hairy, not your genetic heritage! No longer will you have to spend endless hours pondering when the capitalist system will do something, anything, to bring men closer to the same level of non-body acceptance as women, which is what will truly bring equality between the sexes!

Yes, friends! Mangroomer is here! Just in time for the Christmas shopping season!

And a good thing, too. I'm getting tired of using that Epilady.

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