Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Cocktail of the week #14: Rob Roy

(Note: I'm posting two cocktails of the week this week to make up for being sick last time.)

When you get right down to it, this week's cocktail is a waste of scotch.

Okay. Let's not be harsh. It's a waste of good scotch. It may not be a horrific use for bad scotch.

What we're looking at here is essentially a manhattan made with scotch instead of the usual bourbon or (preferably) rye. Minus the cherry and orange peel. Oh... and the bitters are optional.

I'm very fond of manhattans, but I am also fond of scotch. I new of this drink most of my adult life, but I was not prepared to try it.

And I finally did. In fact, I tried it three times. One without bitters, once with Peychaud's bitters, and once with Angostura.


It's a waste of good scotch. If you happen to have bad scotch, it's pretty good with the Angostura bitters... but why would one willingly choose to have bad scotch in their home in the first place?

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