Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Wit

Mrs. Wit, the best thing that ever happened to me, turned thirty, today. (She gets to share her birthday with Beethoven, one of her favorite composers.)

And what did we do to celebrate?

A whole lotta stuff that makes her happy. And we actually started last night.

First we went to Mysore Woodlands, her favorite vegetarian restaurant, for a sumptuous and most flavor-filled meal.

Then we fought the wet, heavy, pouring snow to meet up with almost a dozen friends at one of my wife's favorite venues: the Baton Lounge.

After than fun (and, for many, confusing) revue, we fought the nasty winter weather to the greatest tacky tiki bar in the American Midwest, Hala Kahiki. We stayed there, sipping kokomo and chief's calabash cocktails until midnight, when she reveled in turning 30.

Then we made what turned into an almost hour and a half drive to get through the winter nastiness to get home and crawled readily into bed.

But the fun was not to end.... we just got back from the "actual" celebration of her birthday at my in-laws.  We're tired, she has lots of fun little presents from friends and family, and we're glad to be home and ready to retire for the night.

But we still managed to make this week's cocktail. We'll tell you all about it tomorrow...

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