Monday, December 24, 2007

Cocktail of the week #12: Margarita

Ahoy & Feliz Navidad, mateys!

It's Christmas Eve, and I would have hoped we would have drawn something like egg nog from the deck, but no: it's the classic margarita. The margarita is mankind's ingenious answer to the ages-old question: "How do I get my date to choke down enough tequila for me to make a pass and not get slapped?"

Margarita's are also a favorite of Mrs. Wit's. Anytime we have Mexican (or faux Mexican, like tamale pie) she whips one together for herself... and once again, the recipe on the card differs from the one we tend to use.

So we tried it as written and once more... drumroll, please... we have another "cure for scurvy" drink! (Does the pirate talk at the beginning of this post make more sense, now?) It's not that the drink was bad. It was actually pretty decent, but tart: not quite what one would expect of a margarita. Think of this recipe as more of a "tequila gimlet."

Because this is supposed to be a margarita, I'm going to have to call this a "miss," but I only do so with a modicum of reluctance.

Enjoy Christmas Eve, everyone.

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